Jane has written three books on design


Italian Style

Published by Frances Lincoln 1999

This guide to Italian style explains how the look is created at every level by a confident combination of strong colours, sumptuous patterned fabrics, the choice and arrangement of furniture, and an accumulation of striking objects.

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Wallpaper in Decoration

Published by Frances Lincoln 2001

Original, imaginative and practical, Wallpaper in Decoration proposes a fresh, modern approach to decorating with paper. Inspirational photographs show wallpaper in contemporary settings.



Paper Magic 

Published by Frances Lincoln 1991

Suggests imaginative ways in which wallpaper can be used to create different visual effects, discusses the use of borders and decorative motifs, and provides instructions for hanging wallpaper and creating a professional look. Paper magic was an inspirational book of its time published in several editions in four languages.

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Jane has given many lectures on design in Britain and in the United States to decorators and designers, and talks to design groups and the interested public on wallpaper, its history and current trends.

She has lectured at the V&A on ‘Trompe l’oeil and the Art of Illusion’, and on the’ History and Developing Styles of Wallpaper’.

She has given talks and demonstrations on wallpaper at the Chelsea Harbour Design Centre, and given study days for interior design magazines at exhibitions and trade fairs.